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RunKeeper is an app that has been made with sporty fitness fans in mind by giving them the possibility of seeing detailed statistics of their pace, distance, and times for every time they run or jog. Plus, it’s very easy to get statistics of runs and races, and check out your progress as you go.

The application includes a very detailed history of all the activities you carry out, notifying you when you reach new personal bests and milestones. The programs measure progress in reaching specific goals and objectives, as well as helps to create training plans for you to reach your own specific sporting goals.

In general, RunKeeper lets you turn any activity into a route so you can do it later on. The best part is that you'll be able to publish it all on different social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share your achievements with all your friends and maybe even convince some of them into joining in.

RunKeeper is a great training tool that not only lets you have a registry of all your activities, but also lets you share an activity that is usually quite individual and personal.